About me

About me

Welcome to Whip & Spoon, written by me, Katie, an editor and writer living on the West Coast.

This is a space where I share discoveries I make cooking in my tiny studio-apartment kitchen in San Francisco: recipes I've tried from one of the many cookbooks on my shelves and dishes created based on memories of meals at neighborhood restaurants. I may also review cookbooks and restaurants here, too. Basically, this space is devoted to anything and everything food-related that inspires me.
I grew up in Maine in a home where food was made from scratch--for many years by my mom and later my dad, when he developed an interest in cooking and gradually took over the kitchen. My family ate together at the table every night--all six of us, no matter what--and often the conversation revolved around the food. At the prodding of my dad, we'd analyze the meal, discuss its preparation, and consider how it might be improved. 

I don't mean to give the impression that those dinners were always peaceful, inspiring gatherings. I know my sisters and I complained about a lot of the food: the pea soup, for example, that I hated, cooked by the vat full, that would appear on the table every night of the week until it was gone; or the variations on the same chicken dish, served night after night, as my dad worked to perfect a recipe. And my sisters and I sometimes bickered at the table like siblings in any other family.

But the ritual of eating food prepared by hand at home, paying attention to it, and eating together inspired in me the importance of cooking for myself and others and of the joy and satisfaction that can come from it. I hope to reclaim that experience and to share it here, after a few years away from the kitchen living on takeout.
Thank you for stopping by--and I hope you'll visit often!


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